CRM 2013 – Business Process Flow – Access to multiple entities on the same business process flow

Dynamics CRM 2013 BPFs have many beneficial qualities.  They are available for both OOB and custom entities, can span across multiple entities. You can associate business process flows with security roles so that only people with those security roles can see or use them. Also there could be multiple entities associated with the same business bar for different security roles. What’s the behavior if user doesn’t have write access to one of the entity? Can this user click next stage to move the process forward without the write access to next entity?

We have two entities (Entity A & Entity B) added into the same business process flow. Below are our observations:

1)      If user has write access to Entity B, he is allowed to click on the Next Stage to create a new Entity B record or select an existing entity B record to make it associated to the business process flow:

CRM Business Prooces  Flow 1

CRM Business Prooces Flow 1

2)     If user has only read access to Entity B, the ‘create’ button will be hidden:

CRM Business Prooces  Flow 2

CRM Business Process Flow 2

After selecting an existing Entity B record, the entity B form shows up without process bar. This makes sense as this user is not allowed to update the process id on Entity B without the write access.

CRM Business Process  Flow 3

CRM Business Process Flow 3


I hope you find it useful!

Author: Zhe Chen
Title: Lead Dynamics CRM Consultant @ Adisys

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