CRM 2013 – Reports – Avoid updating reports on Reporting Server Directly!

Dynamics CRM reporting service supports automatic data Pre–Filtering to

  • Make reports context-sensitive by narrowing the scope of a report to return more relevant data.
  • Retrieve and display a result set faster because only more relevant data is returned.
  • Allow the report to be filtered using the Advanced Find feature.

To enable automatic data pre-filtering on a report, you can alias entity tables in queries by using an alias name that starts with “CRMAF_”.


Here is one reference you can take a look at:


When CRM administrator deploys the report RDL in Dynamics CRM solution, CRM automatically modifies the uploaded RDL code to add “p1” parameter and modify the query. It works very well and Pre-Filtering will be enabled for this report.

CRM Reports

Figure 1: Uploading RDL in CRM Solution


Report Parameters

Figure 2: CRM Automatically added Parameters


However sometime report administrator might go to Reporting Server and deploy/modify the RDL on server directly which might cause the CRM automatically added code lost. It’s difficult to troubleshooting the issue until you realize the RDL code was modified by CRM when uploading the report.

To avoid this kind of potential issue in our project, we always deploy and update the custom report through CRM and avoid the direct modification on reporting server.


I hope you find it useful!

Author: Zhe Chen
Title: Lead Dynamics CRM Consultant @ Adisys

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